Holy Family Convent Senior Secondary School Shantinagar,Bhopal

Management & Staff

Management & Staff

At Holy Family Convent Senior Secondary School, your children will find themselves under the guidance of a faculty with an excellent academic and professional background in specialized fields.

Management Of School

Our school management allows and encourages your child to participate in all curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • a) Our teachers help students to identify their own strengths and challenges.
  • b) the learning strategies which best fit their needs.
  • c) The management continually monitors student achievement and progress through various observations and assessments tests.
School management

The Department of Education’s school management policies establish a framework for engaging students and providing a comprehensive school education.

Example of School Management

AttendanceRequires all enrolled student to attend school or participate in an educational program of the school. Principals are required to record and monitor student attendance and develop appropriate strategies to restore.
Behaviour management The mandatory framework for school decision making about promoting and maintaining positive student behaviour, as well as responding to student misconduct.
Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff at Holy family convent School

Faculty of Holy Family Convent School is treated as main sources of strength behind all academic and non academic activities. They are the creators of the future of the nation.Each teacher at Holy Family Convent School is well qualified experienced and proficient in modern teaching methodology.Faculty members are experienced in their disciplines. Experiences cover teaching and consulting.Students are not only motivated by enthusiasm, they are also motivated by organization, clarity, scholarship, and good techniques of classroom conduct. These are in the grasp of any instructor who really cares and truly wants to be good at teaching! It is also encouraging to note that, even small differences are often enough to hold attention a little better or put an idea across more clearly. We simply must believe in ourselves and work at becoming the best instructor possible, considering our individual characteristics

Refresher courses up date teachers as per requirement A team of non- teaching staff are at the beck and call of the institution . Family atmosphere is maintained in the school campus among Manager, Principal, teaching and non teaching staff and students.The most important characteristic of a teacher can have is to be friendly and congenial with his students. It is a plus if his students can share their problems with him, without being afraid or hesitant.